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IT asset disposal help.

How to Recycle Business and Office Computers?

By Chris Keenan

Over 25 years Newtech has learned many lessons about computer disposal. They can be summarized in the following 5 pieces of advice for any business choosing to recycle their IT hardware.

Recycling mobile phones.

How Much is the New Olympic Gold Medal Going to be Worth?

By Chris Keenan

Have you ever wondered how much actual gold is in an Olympic gold medal? Well the answer might surprise you.

IT asset disposal help.

Whatever your generation, there's no second place, there is no second chance!

By Chris Keenan

It is important to note that there is one issue that all the generations share and take very seriously. If you've guessed what it is already then you're probably from the pre-TV GI-Generation.

Where to recycle IT assets legally & what to look out for.

Where Should You Go to Recycle Company IT Assets?

By Chris Keenan

We've all heard the terms - AAA, R2:2013, e-Stewards, NAID, HIPAA or ISO 14001 being thrown around but can you really trust any of these badges?

President Trump becomes an eco-worrier.

President Trump Orders Massive Recycling Initiative.

By Chris Keenan

As a result of this executive order, the USA could well end up a world leader. It is a MASSIVE DEAL! Read on and find out why...

How to recycle corporate laptops.

What is the Best Way to Recycle Your Business Laptops?

By Chris keenan

Whether you are planning to recycling, selling, donating or destroying your company's old laptops, here's a few things you might be interested in knowing first, before you commit.

Recycling E-Waste in China

The China Crisis Could Be A Blessing.

By Chris Keenan

Should we be refining our recyclable waste for China or should we embrace the Swedish method of waste management?

How safe is WIFI and are smartphone dangerous to us?

Is It Tinfoil Hat Time?

By Chris Keenan

How safe is prolonged exposure to WIFI and just how dangerous are smartphones and mobile devices? You might want to hold all your calls whilst you read on!

Dispose or recycle servers and mainframes.

What to Do With Old Servers From The Cloud or Your Office?

By Chris Keenan

Wondering about the best way to dispose of old servers & computer hardware? Have you ever considered remarketing or recycling?

How to recycle computer monitors and screens?

The Future of Computer Monitor Recycling Is Amazing!

By Chris Keenan

The future of computer monitors and screens is utterly amazing. Read about a promising new technology that will destroy the computer e-waste problem overnight!

How much does it cost to recycle IT assets such as laptops and computers?

Is Recycling E-Waste Financially Sustainable?

By Chris Keenan

Making recycling profitable, is an incredibly important contributing factor towards improving the health and prolonged existence of mankind, but is it possible?

How to dispose of laptop batteries?

What Is The Future of Battery Recycling?

By Chris Keenan

It is possible to recycle everything in a battery, but it costs more money than can be recovered from reclaimed materials. Plus, there's only a scattering of companies that are capable of recycling 100% of the battery. So, what's the solution?

Secure and legal ITAD disposal of IT assets using e-waste recycling methods and advanced digital data destruction methods.

6 Handy Tips For Successful IT Asset Disposal & Remarketing.

By Chris Keenan

If you're a CIO, IT director, or just someone who has been put in charge of managing the disposal of your business's old IT hardware we've got 6 handy tips for helping with the process.

Permanently remove information from a hard drive.

How to Truly Kill a Hard Drive.

By Chris Keenan

The number of calls Newtech receives from businesses asking about hard drive disposal is to high to record. To help out Newtech has listed the top 6 digital data destruction questions and answers.

Copier removal and disposal service.

How Do You Dispose of Old Office Photocopiers?

By Chris Keenan

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the much-loved photocopier. So, what happens to all those photocopiers when they eventually go to the big office in the sky? Just how do you dispose of your old, faulty, dying or dead photocopier?

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