Hard Drive Wiping

Enjoy the peace of mind gained from knowing that all illustrations, pictures, graphics, reports, documents, files, folders and data have been permanently removed from your hard drives.

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Removal data from your hard drive forever.

Hard Drive Destruction

Get a quote for the destruction of all data from your business computers, mobile devices, photocopiers and data storage systems.

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Collection of E-Waste

Have your e-waste collected and recycled by one company, all in the same day. We offer the leading Tri-State e-waste collection service for office or business I.C.T disposal.

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Collecting e-waste from NJ, CT, PA, NY including LI and NYC

Arrange A Pick-Up Time.

Arrange to have your e-waste collected or removed today.

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Demanufacturing E-Waste

The process of demanufacturing computers, copiers, printers, laptops, electronics and electrically powered equipment is one of the best methods for the reclamation of materials.

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Recycling Centers

Get a Recycling Quote

Get our latest prices for the collection and recycling of your business e-waste using our online quote generator.

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Recycling E-Waste & CRT's

ICT-ITAD.com Inc. is one of the only e-waste recycler in the USA to utilize CRT computer monitor separators along with our innovative recycling equipment.

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Recycle electrical machinery and equipment ??? pickup for disposal service.

For More Information.

For more information about recycling e-waste or any electrical machinery or hardware please use the form below or call us directly.

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Legal I.T. Disposal

Ensure your company is not legally penalized for failing to recycle, resell, or donate used computers and I.T. hardware.

Find Out More   How to permanently format a hard drive. How to permanently format a laptop hard drive. How to permanently format a computer hard drive. How to permanently format a tablet hard drive. How to permanently format a phones hard drive.

For questions about recycling your old computers and office IT hardware please call ICT ITAD today For Questions & Quotes Call 732-564-3110 Or Email: Support@ICT-ITAD.com

 ICT-ITAD.com Inc. is a registered e-waste recycler offering e-waste pickups and junk IT collections in the States of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania
Permanently Deleting Data from A Hard Drive.
Collecting E-Waste from Your Business or Office.
Demanufacturing Electronic Waste & I.T. Hardware.
Legal Disposal of Computers & Other E-Waste.
Data destruction service.

Hard Drive Wipe

Get our latest prices for wiping, EMP sterilizing and shredding of your old computer hard drives (service also includes laptops and smart devices).

Latest Prices

Deleted Permanently

Whether you are selling, donating or recycling your used computers, old laptops, copiers or smart devices It's worth wiping the hard drive first. The question on most I.T. managers minds is: 'how do you permanently delete data from the memory or hard drive'? Any competent I.T. manager knows It's not as easy as it seems.

The Department of Defence (DoD) data sanitization method is commonly used in various file shredder and data destruction programs to overwrite existing information on a hard drive or other storage device. However, Newtech's data destruction service supersedes DoD, NSA and MoD standards. We offer a 7-layer wipe, followed by an EMP disk blast, then we shred the hard drive into flakes and finally we furnace / chemically melt the flakes. That's how we permanently and securely wipe your files, call us.

U.S.A. Recycler of E-Waste.

Collection of E-waste

The nationwide removal or collection of e-waste for disposal is managed through our New Jersey head office. Arrange a pickup today.

Latest Prices

Arranging a Pick-Up

One of the ICT-ITAD.com core services is the removal or collection of e-waste from business premises. Newtech also collects and recycles from municipalities, educational centers and governmental agencies. However, Newtech does not collect from residential addresses or from private households.

If you are a resident or a business with just a few items you need recycled please ship them to us, or call to arrange a drop off. Please not that there is a fee for recycling your electronics and destroying hard drives, for our latest prices please call. Should your e-waste consist of a large item and you need it collected from your place of work kindly let us know where the item is located, as well as any accessibility restrictions we may find when picking up.

office and business e-waste collection and disposal service.

Disassembling E-Waste

Have your e-waste collected, disassembled and recycled today! For a quote please use the below form or call us directly.

Latest Prices

Demanufacturing Electronics

Demanufacturing used, broken or unwanted electronics starts in our main recycling facility in New Jersey. Our fleet of e-waste collection trucks bring tons of scrap electronics through our loading docks daily. This e-waste is first sorted by device type, e.g. used computer monitors, TV sets, office laptops and so on.

Once the e-waste is organized into product categories it is moved to different areas in the warehouse where specialized teams start disassembling the equipment and separating out the components. For example, with a computer, we separate the case, the CPU, the mother board and all of the other contents into large industrial storage containers. Each container is then put through a recycling process to separate out the individual materials so they can be fully reclaimed.

Recycled I.T. Hardware.

Recycling Technology

Get you e-waste recycled ' for a quote or our latest prices call us or click the link below.

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Technology Recycling

We recycle technology using some of the world's leading-edge methods and hardware. For example, we are the only TV and CRT monitor recycler in the USA capable of separating the deadly leaded, phosphorous coated glass segment out of the vacuum tube from the cathode deflector segment in a safe environment.

Our recycling methods and facility have been recognized and certified with R2, ISO14001, 180001. ICT-ITAD.com is State permitted and holds NJDEP recycling licenses. We aim for a zero-landfill e-waste policy and are consistently improving our level of service. We pride ourselves of being able to collect and recycle most forms of electrical waste and computer equipment. If you need to dispose of electrical equipment, machinery or hardware call us today: 732 564 3110.

The legal way to dispose of used IT hardware, PC???s, Phones and E-waste.

E-Waste Certified

Get your e-waste disposed of legally ' for a quote please click below:

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E-Waste Disposal Laws

When it comes time to dispose of used PCs, workstations, desktops, laptops, smart devices, networking hardware, printers and copiers there are two main laws to be aware of. The state requires that e-waste equipment be disposed of responsibly, while the federal government obligates business owners to protect the privacy and personal data of their customers.

You might feel that data protection laws and e-waste disposal laws aren't applicable to your used hardware or even your company, but they usually are. Employees at landfill sites and waste disposal centers are instructed to look out for hardware that's been thrown out with the regular trash. However, It's not just companies being checked, recyclers themselves go through constant and rigorous inspections to ensure standards are being met and laws are being followed.

For questions about recycling your old computers and office IT hardware please call ICT ITAD today Call Or For A Quick Online Estimate You Can Use The App Below

Hard Drive Shredding

Hard Disk Shredding

We remove, EMP sanitize and shred hard drives and data storage media.

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Hard Drive Shredding

ICT-ITAD.com offers a hard drive and media destruction service that destroys photocopier hard drives, mobile device hard drives, laptop, PC and server hard drives.?? Plus: Newtech can also shred SSD, DVD, CD, tape and RAM at your either location or in our secure data destruction facility.

Arrange a pickup for your scrap electronics, junk office I.T. hardware, old office laptops and computer garbage.

Computer Recycling

We recycle office computers and I.T. hardware.

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Disposing of Old Computers

Are you upgrading your computers' Need to dispose of the old ones' ICT-ITAD.com Inc. offers a broad range of computer disposal choices.?? We can help you recycle, donate to charity or even sell your old laptops, computers, servers, etc...

Photocopier recycling service arrange the collection and removal of your copier today

Photocopier Disposal

How to properly dispose of an old copier or printer'

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Photocopier Recycling Service

Is your old photocopier being replaced? Do you need to find a recycler to take the old copier away? Arrange a pickup today with ICT-ITAD.com. Photocopier collection is an essential part of our photocopier recycling and disposal services.

Getting rid of old computer TRASH AND GARBAGE is easy with ICT-ITAD.com Inc.

E-Waste Removal

How to dispose of IT junk, collection and recycling.

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I.C.T. Infrastructure Removal

ICT-ITAD.com Inc. offers a removal service which has been carefully designed to help you remove old information and communications technology (I.C.T. hardware). Our removal engineers are experienced in removing everything from old server racks to telephone exchanges.

Arrange a pickup for your scrap electronics, junk office I.T. hardware, old office laptops and computer garbage.

Recycling Office E-Waste

Making the disposal of I.T. junk in the office effortless...

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Office E-Waste

Need to throw out old business laptops, unwanted workstations, obsolete PC screens? Do you have a box filled with broken keyboards, mice, phones and I.T. junk? Don't worry we can help. We'll collect, recycle, we'll even provide a DOD standard data destruction and hard drive shredding service.

e-Waste Management of all IT infrastructure and the disposal of old photocopiers

E-Waste Removal & Collection

The leading recycler of I.T. hardware and copiers in NY, NJ, PA & CT.

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Bulky Office I.T. Hardware

If your business needs to dispose of photocopiers, computers monitors, old PC's, server racks or other bulky electronic waste the ICT-ITAD.com service is a perfect match to your needs. We offer removal, collection, disposal via recycling and e-waste accreditation that proofs you've recycled legally.

Where to resell old office computers resell old office laptops and resell old office photocopiers. The best place to recycle I.T. infrastructure in New Jersey, New York, Penn and CT.

Cloud Recycling

Newtech is a certified and certified cloud & I.C.T. hardware recycler.

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I.T. Infrastructure

ICT-ITAD.com Inc. is a State approved e-waste recycler. We specialize in the removal and recycling of I.T. infrastructure, including; cloud & ICT hardware. Our award winning service is also R2 & ISO14001 certified with full liability insurance which protects both you personally and your business.

ICT-ITAD.com destroys all types of computer hard drives, SSD, magnetic tape, CD???s, DVD???s and other data media by shredding both onsite and at our secure location. Our hard drive data shredding meets with all federal, state and industry data privacy regulatory requirements for the destruction of personally sensitive information.

Data Wipe & HDD Shredding

How to destroy hard disk drive data, files and folders permanently.

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Hard Drive Obliteration

Our data destruction service is considered to be one of the best in the industry. It starts with a digital data purge and is followed with an EMP blast to sterilize the disk. The final process involves shredding a hard drive (or media) beyond recovery. This service is compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, GLB, EPA, and FACTA.

disposal businesses specializing in pharmaceutical laboratory equipment

Dispose of Lab Equipment.

ICT-ITAD.com is a specialist in the disposal of laboratory equipment.

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Laboratory Equipment

ICT-ITAD.com offers the one of the eco-friendliest disposal methods for broken, obsolete and used laboratory electronics. This collection and disposal service includes: pharmaceutical IT hardware, testing equipment, lab electronics and machinery.

computer and IT asset disposal

IT Asset Disposal

ICT-ITAD.com is one of the leading IT asset disposal businesses in the Tri-State area.

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Managing IT Assets

Disposing of a business's IT assets requires at least a basic grasp of the legal implications, ethical consequences & financial options. Newtech is here to help manage that and a lot more.

sell used IT assets

Selling Used IT Assets

Are you looking for someone to buy your company's old computers?

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Remarketing IT Equipment

Many decommissioned IT assets still hold a value. Some equipment be sold for spare parts and even redeployed in their entirety. ICT-ITAD.com makes sure you get the best value for your old assets.


Newtech Newsroom

Visit the Newtech Newsroom for the very latest news, advice and promotions.

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News & Offers

Visit the Newtech Newsroom for all the latest news, advice and of course, all the special offers.

It is illegal to put electronics into the office dumpster.  Anything from a computer mouse to a keyboard has to be recycled.  ICT-ITAD.com is the leading e-waste and e-scrap recycling in the New York Met Area.

E-waste recycling centers

Find out how e-waste disposal is achieved through recycling.

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Recycling Electronics & E-Scrap

Newtech recycles more than just I.T. hardware, in fact you might just be surprised at what we have been able to take apart and recycle. We've had just about everything; from manufacturing hardware, to radar, server farms and even laboratory apparatus. There's a good chance we can help you.

Recycling copiers and disposing of computers is the best option for our planet.  Go green and recycle your businesses e-waste today.

the leading edge of recycling

When you recycle with us you're make the investment into all our futures'

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Why We Recycle Electronics

Newtech runs a world class electronics recycling program that truly utilizes leading edge recycling innovations. We are one of just a handful of electronics recyclers in the world equipped with specialized CRT monitor recycling machinery & EMP generators designed to permanently wipe files from hard drives.

 New Jersey Commercial Waste Management??? and collection of junk computers and scrap IT hardware.

E-waste removal service

One of the largest fleets of e-waste recycling trucks and vans in the State.

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Removal / Collections

Our e-waste collection Service' encompasses the secure removal or collection of all office and business electronics, IT / computer hardware and electrical machinery from locations in NY, NJ, PA and CT. This service is for businesses only. We also offer drop off options and 'milk run' pick-up schemes.

ICT-ITAD.com Inc provides prove that your business and your IT manager have recycled their e-waste correctly.

Recycling the right way

We are focused on quality, transparency, and proven success - view our credentials.

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E-Waste Certification

When it comes time to decommission or dispose of your hardware, take comfort in the knowledge that, ICT-ITAD.com is one of the few recyclers that can manage every aspect legally and ethically. We are certified and certified by the Department of Environmental Protection, SERI, UKAS and more...

Electronics Recycling Movie

Discover the physical, ethical and financial dangers of electronic waste.

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Short E-Waste Documentary

This short 8-minute e-waste documentary explains why electronics have to be recycled, and why digital information held mainly on hard drives has to be destroyed. We also look at the data and environmental protection laws governing e-waste disposal in your State and nationally.

ICT-ITAD.com Movie

A quick 4-minute video designed to showcase the Newtech services.

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Core Services Movie

This quick 4-minute movie showcases the six core services offered by ICT-ITAD.com. Watch staff remove retired electronics and obsolete I.T. hardware. See how e-waste is de-manufacture so it can be recycled and how hard drives have their files and folders erased forever.

Hard Drive Destruction Movie

A movie about how to permanently delete files and wipe data.

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Data Destruction Movie

This brief movie illustrates the 4 key stages of digital data destruction. See how computer memory is purged to military standards. Then discover how the disk drives are permanently formatted with an EMP blast. Finally witness the HDD being shredded and lastly melted down.

Corporate Social Responsibility

E-waste certification for businesses and I.T. managers.

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E-Waste Certification Movie

In this movie discover the benefits afforded to you and your company when you receive your e-waste certification. ??Learn about the advantages of a ‘zero land fill’ policy and the assurances gained in protecting your company and yourself from legal prosecution.

IT Asset Disposition Help

ITAD - singularly the best method for reselling or recycling IT assets.

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IT Asset Disposition Explained

All an IT director or CIO needs to know about 'information technology asset disposition' (ITAD). Find out everything from audits to deinstallation, from removal to data destruction and most importantly, whether to recycle or remarket old IT assets.

Prices and Valuations

Find out how much it might cost to recycle, or the value of reselling your old IT assets

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Price Guide & Valuations

Use our automated ITAD quote generator, over 80% of our clients use it for a fast-automated, data destruction, deinstallation, collection and recycling quote or to find out what their old IT assets might be worth, should they wish to remarket them.


Secure Information Technology Asset Disposition (SITAD).

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We Are Here to Protect You!

Newtech ensures you and your company is fully protected and compliant with e-waste and data destruction laws RCRA, SOX, HIPAA, FACTA, GDPR, NIST 800-88 r1, HMG IA Standard No. 5 and DIN-66399 standards.

IT Asset Disposition

Discover the processes of IT asset disposition and disposal.

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ITAD Processes

Newtech offers 9 primary ITAD services, they are: logistical planning, deinstallation of assets, on site hard drive shredding, packaging and removal, inventory and testing, data destruction, asset remarketing or electronic recycling, issuing a certificate of recycling.

Movie about recycling electronic waste. For Collection and Recycling Fee's. Click Here.

Learn how to dispose of old business laptops via recycling. Please note: laptop disposal can either occur via donation, resell or by having them recycled. If you want to recycle your old business laptops please contact Newtech Corporate Recycling. We are a State approved recycler of laptops and operate a special e-cycle waste management solution that includes: the safe and secure disposal of unwanted or used laptop waste and the collection of junk, scrap or garbage laptop and I.T. hardware.

LaptopS Recycled

Recycle laptops

Services & Fees


Product type: laptop computer
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: high-risk
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: HDD shredding
Alt. options: resell or donation
More information about computer disposal and how to recycle a PC or a work station or an unwanted desktop computer.  This is not a trash collection service or a junk removal service and we are not a scrap company.  Newtech will pickup your computer waste so it can be recycled.

ComputerS Recycled

Recycle PC's

Services & Fees


Product type: desktop computer
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: high-risk
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: HDD shredding
Alt. options: resell or donation
Learn how to dispose of old business servers via recycling. Please note: server disposal occurs via a secure recycling process. If you want to recycle your old business servers and I.T. infrastructure please contact Newtech Corporate Server Recycling today. We are a State approved recycler of all types of servers and server farms and operate a special e-cycle waste management solution that includes: the safe and secure disposal of unwanted or used server waste and the collection of junk, scrap or garbage server and I.T. hardware.

Servers Recycled

Recycle servers

Services & Fees


Product type: server computer
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: high-risk
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: HDD shredding
Alt. options: resell or donation
iPad and Table disposal service.

TabletS Recycled

Recycle iPads

Services & Fees


Product type: tablet computer
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: high-risk
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: HDD sterilization
Alt. options: resell or donation
Computer monitor recycling

CRTS Recycled

CRT screens

Services & Fees


Product type: cathode ray tube
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: none
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: priority collection
Alt. options: none
old and used computer screen collection and disposal service.

Monitors Recycled

Recycle monitors

Services & Fees


Product type: computer screen
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: none
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: e-waste collection
Alt. options: resell or donation
Our Network Hardware Recycling Service includes removal of cables, hubs and switches.

IT Hardware Recycled

Recycle ICT

Services & Fees


Product type: I.T. hardware
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: highly probable
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: e-waste removal
Alt. options: redeployment
 If your business is looking to dispose of its old, unwanted office printers we may be able to help. Please click below for more information about office printer recycling.

Printer Recycled

Recycle printers

Services & Fees


Product type: office printer
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: possible
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: e-waste collection
Alt. options: none

Copiers Recycled

Recycle copiers

Services & Fees


Product type: photocopier
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: present
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: HDD shredding
Alt. options: priority collection
 If your business is looking to recycle we may be able to help. Please click below for more information about our removal and recycling processes and costs.


E-cycle e-waste

Services & Fees


Product type: electrical machinery
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: possible
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: priority collection
Alt. options: none
No matter the size or type of e-waste we are more than likely able to help, please click below.

Hardware Recycled

Disposal service

Services & Fees


Product type: electrical hardware
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: possible
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: e-waste collection
Alt. options: none

E-waste Recycled

Recycle e-waste

Services & Fees


Product type:e-waste electronics
Classification: toxic waste
Data liability: possible
Disposal law: must be recycled
Recommend: e-waste collection
Alt. options: none

For Questions & Quotes Call 732-564-3110 Or Email: Support@ICT-ITAD.com

Servicing: New Jersey - New York - Pennsylvania - Connecticut - Tri State - NY Met Area
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